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"I wanna become like Mizushima Hiro-kun!" (The actor of Nanba Minami)

Everyone's probably thinking: "Was there a line like that?".
But this line was said by Oguri Shun-san from the Tokyo prefecture.
Yes...... It's like a scream from his heart. (LOL Oguri-kun is such a dork. ^__^)

"In today evening's ANN, this Oguri Shun will be all alone again".. but you were wrong!

The dorama "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e`Ikemen Paradise`" will finally come to an end on the 18th, next week , so "Ikuta Toma-san" came as a guest!
It's his third appearance! Really, thank you very much!

On his last appearance, we had already received about 20000 mails in the middle of the broadcast and we couldn't introduce most of the mails, that's why this time we wanted to introduce as many as we could.

Among the mails, there was one saying "Try this mentality test".
It was a test where you have to close your eyes for 10 seconds and try to remember the face of 5 women and if you do that you'd unconsciously see which woman is the one you like.

We both immediately tried it, closed our eyes and started counting to 10...
But the truth is that this mentality test was "aaall just a lie, gotchaaa!".

The staff had planned to let another special guest enter the radio show, while we two were closing our eyes.

The special guest also appears with me in "RinoKimi", it was "Horikita Maki-san"!
She finally came just before the last episode!

When we ended counting to 10 and opened our eyes, I was so surprised to see Horikita-san, so I said "Today, I somehow had the feeling you'd come", although I had no idea.
From now on I have to learn more and more how to handle a shock!

(So Oguri-kun tricked Maki into believing that her surprise was exposed! He's such a meanie. lol

Together with Horikita-san, we talked about NG scenes, our favorite scenes etc. while looking back at "RinoKimi" so far and in the end we also played a game called "shuffle theater". We three changed our roles and re-enacted scenes from "RinoKimi"!
Oguri Shun as Nakatsu, Ikuta-san as Sano and Horikita-san as Sano and so on, it was something you could have only listened to here!

We three from "RinoKimi" were all present at ANN this time, but we also got mail from other students from Sakurazaki Gakuen.
We received one from almost everyone, so it showed us how good friendship can be.

The two hour extra special of this dorama "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e", where everything will be brought to a climax, will go on air on September, the 18th(Tuesday) starting at 21:00!


S: From now on I want to present this show together with today evening's guest. Today evening's guest is Ikuta Toma-san! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
T: I wanna become like Mizushima Hiro-kun, too! Thx, thx.
S: Thx, thx.
T: I ended up coming here.
S: Yes, you did.
T: Somehow.. it's the third time, right? Coming many times, it's embarassing. (lol) It feels like "He came again?!". I felt this for a while now. Is it ok?
S: For the people out there and for me, it feels like.. Umm.. "He came again?!".
T: (lol) It's extremely embarassing.. But you invited me over, so I'm thankful.
S: I invited you?
T: Eh?
S: I didn't. ...it's a lie, I called you over.
T: (lol)
S: What the~?(1) In the script, it says that you probably like the retarded me. But it's more about whether the retarded me likes you or not. I called you over three times already.
T: (lol) No, it's about whether I like the retarded Shun or not.
S: No way. What the~? You like the retarded me?
T: (lol) Today I came here again.
S: You did.
T: Somehow it's a week already.
S: Somehow it's a week. It's unbelievable. If you had such a great pitcher, you wouldn't throw him away so soon.
T: I heard that you would make a important announcement this week and I just thought maybe you'd say "Ikuta Toma is my partner from now on!". That's not true, right?
S: Right. Be careful, be careful.
T: Please, from now on always continue your radio show. Because I'll come every week!
S: Every week.. (lol)
T: Please. Please.
S: But this is the last All Night Nippon before the last episode of "RinoKimi" and people say it's becoming an unbelievable dorama.
T: It's amazing, huh? The 11th episode was good, right?
S: Yeah, it was good. We'll talk about this later. Now, Ikuta-sensei, let's check attendance.
T: Understood!
S: Please go from seat to seat.
T: Umm.. Kayashima!
S: He's here. (lol) Kayashima's here.
T: Sekime!
S: Sekime is present!
T: Nakao!
S: Nakao isn't here.
T: Saga!
S: Not here.
T: Noe!
S: Not here.
T: Kyobashi!
S: Not here.
T: Daikokucho!
S: He's here, Daikokucho.
T: Kitahanada!
S: Not here.
T: Yao!
S: Not here.
T: Akashi!
S: Akashi is here.
T: Tetsukayama!
S: Not here.
T: Sano Izumi!
S: Yes! (lol)
T: Shichido!
S: Not here.
T: Gotenzan!
S: Not here.
T: Yodoyabashi!
S: Yodoyabashi is here.
T: Arashiyama!
S: Arashiyama is here, too.
T: Tannowa!
S: Tannowa is here, right?
T: Takaida!
S: Takaida is here.
T: Kamishinjo!
S: Kamishinjo's not here.
T: Imamiya!
S: Imamiya's here.
T: Shijyo!
S: Shijyo's here.
T: Kuzuha!
S: Kuzuha is here too.
T: Saiin!
S: Not here.
T: Ogimachi!
S: Not here.
T: Kaizuka!
S: Not here.
T: Ishikiri!
S: Ishikiri's here.
T: Shojaku!
S: Not here.
T: Uenoshiba!
S: Uenoshiba's here.
T: Minase!
S: Not here.
T: Katahiranotsuji!
S: Not here.
T: Korien!
S: Not here.
T: Nakatsu Shuichi!
S: He's heeeeere!
T: Aaah.. Yay!
S: The reason why I'm saying that some are present, is that from these students from class 2C we received mails.
T: Amazing. Really.
S: Amazing. It's wonderful, isn't it? For the people, who aren't here yet (haven't sent mails yet): It's not the time to be sleeping! Wake up please! Because we'll be waiting.
T: Wake up please! Please send us mails asap.
S: There's a painful punishment by Oguri-kun waiting for those, who are absent today.
T: You've decided already?
S: Yes, decided. "You been sleeping, what?! You been sleeping, too?! Idiots!"
T: "Idiots!" (lol) School attendance is important.
S: As an example, first, let's introduce mails we received, shall we?
T: Please, please.
S: First from Daikokucho: "Konishi-dooon!" (lol)
T: (LOL)
S: I don't get what it means.
T: I understand it though.
S: Dondake is a private joke among us. Toma-kun, explain roughly what "Konishi-dooon!" means.
T: The expression "The hips go tooon!" became popular among us. When it got late, we used to raise our hips and say "The hips go tooon!" to people who were out of energy, but somehow Daikokucho started saying "Konishi-tooon!". He also did it today.
S: I still don't get the meaning. The next one: "Sano, just because you jumped over two and something metres, don't be too full of yourself. I can shit higher than 3 meters! Let's have a duel! Akashi Souichiro from Ohsaka Gakuen, class 2c." That guy.. Can he only talk about shit or what?
T: The shit actor.
S: The shit actor, Akashi-kun. "Here's Ishikiri! It's been 3 months now. It was so much fun and it's sad that it's ending. It's been 3 very short months, but I'm happy that I could spend them with you all. Please do your best in the radio show! See you tomorrow!"
T: Ishikiri.. He often gets bullied.. Even in dorm 1.
S: In episode 11, in order to decide which dorm the cheerleading team will be from, we had a contest called "Nr. 90". Everyone from dorm 1 had something about their character written on their headbands. For example Kitahanada had written "robust health" and others had "The new dorm leader" written on their headbands. Only Ishikiri had written "Stone cutter" and when I asked him why he wrote it, he said "It's Ishikiri in English". (lol) I'll continue. "Here's Sekime! I haven't contacted you for a while." That's wrong! I met him today. "Oguri-san, Ikuta-san, there's something I want to tell you. I don't know if I'm allowed to say it here, but I like you two very much! That's all. Sorry."
T: Ma-kun's cute. No matter he does, he's cute.
S: But he doesn't like me.
T: (lol) That's not true.
S: He maybe doesn't like me.
T: Not true.
S: When I asked him if he doesn't like me, he showed a pretty poor reaction. So he probably wanted to make up for it with this letter, but.. it doesn't reach me anymore.
T: Is it too late?
S: It doesn't reach me at all. (lol) From Tannowa: "It's lonely because the filming is ending."
T: Thank you.
S: Here's one from Kayashima "Mokkun"!
T: Oh, it's Mokkun.
S: "Shun-kun, Toma-kun, please do your best. You've worked hard in the last three months. I also worked hard, but I thik you two had to work even more. I think I have to follow your example, I think of you as sempais I admire. There's only little work left, but let's still do our best!"
T: Cute. That's nice, huh?
S: Mokkun is cute.
T: I exchanged mails with him a while ago.
S. Really?
T: I wrote "I'm in love with Kayashima." and "I'm in love Nakatsu!" came back. Ah, sorry, I was unfaithful.
S: You.. you often do things secretly.. You're secretly in love with others, huh?
T: Why? I really love Mokkun's face. He's got a beautiful face, don't you think. He's got a cute side and a cool one. That's what I like. His character is also good.
S: Here's one mail, it's very funny. The mail's from Takada: "Hello, here's the too tall Okada Hikaru. Good work. I'm always in your debt in the dorama. It's so much fun, I almost get nosebleed because of it. Well, here I want to give a haiku as a present for Shun-kun. Please listen to it. 'Excuse me for wearing a Gachapin(2) T-shirt'. That's all. Sorry for this weird talk, don't get me wrong." Now this is funny.
T: Gachapin, huh?
S: 'Excuse me for wearing a Gachapin T-shirt'. In the dorama, in the 11th episode, we were all dancing as cheerleaders in order to heat up the atmosphere. Everyone except Sekime and Sano danced. At that time, in the last practice the day before, Toma bought for Maki, me and for himself Gachapin t-shirts. We three were wearing those t-shirts and were planning to dance with them. On that day, Takada came wearing the Gachapin t-shirt he bought in "Odaiba no Boukenou" (amusement park) and was standing there extremely apologetically. I don't know who, but someone told me to quietly make Okada-kun realize it. I answered "But I can't read the atmosphere very well."(3) Later when we were dancing in line, Okada-kun was dancing by my side. At the part, when we raise our hands, I heard him say "Ah, I really can't read the atmosphere, huh? I totally ruined it.".
T: Just right now, a mail came from Saga. "I'm going to sleep now. The hips go tooooon! Shun-kun, Toma-kun, do your best!" Thanks, Saga.
S: Saga, I'll note that you were present! A mail came from Saga, so he was present.
T: Now we have mails from 14 people.
S: What about the other half?
T: What happened? We're waiting!
S: The next one's from Uenoshiba: "Dear Sano-sama. What are you doing right now? You're probably broadcasting the radio show. (lol) Here's a question. The dorama's coming more and more to an end. Do you still remember the face and the name of every member from our second dorm? I'm full of anticipation. (lol)"
T: I see.

(1. All the bold marked words and expressions are one word in Japanese: dondake. It's not even a Japanese word and it has lots of meanings like "What the~?" and "retarded". You better read this here: http://complexdream.com/blog/?p=347
2. A popular Japanese children's television character, usually accompanied by his friend Mukku. Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gachapin
3. "Can't read the atmosphere." - This expression is used when someone is lagging behind the group and can’t seem to grasp what is going on or goes against the general atomsphere/mood of the group.)


S: Do you still remember the face and the name of every member from our second dorm? I'm full of anticipation. (lol)"
T: I see.
S: Of course I remember them.
T: Right?
S: I already memorized each name.
T: Right.
S: Haven't we been working together for three months?
T: Right.
S: Even though it seemed impossible, didn't we all do it together?
T: There were some lonely times as well. At first you think you'll never be able to memorize them, but surprisingly you are able to memorize everything in the end because we've been together all the time.
S: The next one's from Arashiyama, I don't really understand it.
"When I watched the scene on TV, where Sano and Nakatsu tried to stop Mizuki, who had decided to go back to America, I thought to myself that I'm very lucky to be in the same filming location as you guys. Now there are only 2 days left, but I'll do my best too!"
The last part was nice, but before that he wrote this:
"I have countless memories of the time with Oguri-kun. When we went drinking in Shinbashi(section of Tokyo), the drunken Oguri-kun tried to munch my pants while screaming 'I LOVE YOU!'."
Well, Arashiyama and Yodoyabashi are both trying to become comedians and formed a two man unit, so they're always wearing a red and a blue tie. Maybe that's why he sent such a mail (to be funny), but somehow.. I don't get it, because it's too far away for me.
T: But Arashiyama is really cute. Sometimes when we pass each other in the toilet, he's always humming something.
S: I see. Now from his partner Yodoyabashi:
"Shun-kun and Toma-kun, good work. I'm wearing a red jersey right now. The filming will end very soon, but since I was sitting on the seat next to Shun-kun in our classroom, I was honestly very nervous. I thought "Is it ok if I talk to him?" etc. But as we went on with filming, I could sometimes talk to Shun-kun and he was very nice to us, so we I was very happy. I wanted to talk more with Shun-kun, so if we ever get a chance to meet again, at that time yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
P.S. I was moved by your high-jump yesterday, really."
T: I see..
S: Let's introduce the letters from the last few members. From Kuzuha:
"I'm listening to the show. Sano-san, in the remaining few days, let's do our best
in RinoKimi. From now as well, yoroshiku." Now from Imamiya: "My mother, who's watching IkePara every week without missing one episode, still hasn't found me in the dorama. Sorry for being born into this world. Good work." It's unbelievably negative.
T: Imamiya!
S: Unbelievably negative. I'm always watching you! From Shijyo:
"The truth is, I have something I want to consult you about. Honestly speaking, I want to leave dorm 3, do you have some good advice for me? The reason is a secret." Shijyo! What the hell are you saying? Isn't Dorm 3 good?!
T: Yeah, that's right.
S: Oscar M. Himajima is a weird old man, but isn't it still wonderful? Well.. Yeah.
T: It's here.
S: It's here. From Ashiya Mizuki!
T: Yay! It's here!
S: Let's read it. "The ass goes boooooon♪" Ashiya Mizuki came!
T: Ashiya Mizuki came! It's amazing, huh?
S: You mean the "The ass goes boooon♪"?
T: "The ass goes booon♪".. She added a ♪. Such a cute mail came.
S: Ashiya Mizuki! We forgot you, when we were taking attendance..
T: You're right!
S: I noted you as present now! She came! We had completely forgotten Ashiya Mizuki.(lol)
T: Hey! Hey!
S: Hey! Hey! Now it's 15 people. 18 are still left. If we count ourselves in, it's 17 people. What happened? Tomorrow you'll be severely punished! Like "The ass goes kedoooon!" (meaning they will be kicked in the ass)

S: Today we have Toma-kun as a guest, we're still taking attendance, but now we'll read the mails for Toma-kun and Toma-kun will answer them.
T: Yes.
S: We have an extremely big amount of letters, so let's introduce them one after another. A mail from a person with the radio name "Ore wa homo janaaai!":
"I watch RinoKimi every week and have fun. Here's a question to Toma-kun. A while ago, a good boy, who's in the same school as me, confessed his love to me. We're both 'free', but in the past I had a girlfriend, so I was quite in a hurry, when he confessed to me. But when I saw Ikuta-kun's role, I understood that the gender doesn't play a role when it comes to love, so I thought about it and decided to give him an answer. Ikuta-kun, what do you think? Is it ok for love to cross over the difference in gender?"
T: It's absolutely ok, isn't it? It's absolutely ok. Nakatsu is just the same. Please have a good look at Nakatsu. Isn't it unbelievable? Even though he thought that Mizuki is a boy, he went so far for her. But I'm happy, because such a mail came. I want him to do his best. Please do your best, really.
S: Do your best. Continuing on.. From the Tokyo prefecture:
"Good evening. There's something I wanted you to try out, that's why I'm sending this mail. In brief, it's a personality test. If you do this test, you'll find out which woman you subconsciously came to like. It's very easy, please close your eyes so you don't see anything and lower your head. Then you relax your mind and count to ten. After that please think of the faces of 5 women. If you do just that, you'll see which woman you like but haven't noticed so far. You're free to try it as many times as you like and since the probability is quite high, please try to seriously remember. Please write the answer sometime in a mail." For example like this, closing the eyes.
T: But it's okay not to tell which one you thought of, right?
S: Well, let's try it.
T: Ok.
S: Close your eyes. In order to relax your mind, count to ten. After that think of the faces of 5 women.
T: Yes.
S: Ok, let's start. To ten. Slowly count to ten. Close your eyes and relax.
T&S: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
S: Think of 5 women.
T: Yes. 5, right? It's difficult.. Whoa..
M: I'm here! Ashiya Mizuki from class 2c! I want to become like Mizushima Hiro-kun too!
T: What the hell is this?
S: What's this?
M: Why aren't you wearing it? If I'm the only one wearing it, it's stupid, isn't it?
T: I have it with me.
S: I also have it with me.
M: You two didn't even open it!
T: If you show such an attitude, I'll be really embarassed, so please stop it.
S: We'll explain the reason why she's angry later. When we two were just now sitting here relaxing and thinking of women we like, suddenly Ashiya Mizuki, Horikita Maki was sitting next to us.
M: Good evening, everyone! I'm Horikita Maki!
T: Thank you for coming today.
S: Horikita Maki came over!
S: Is it ok, if we say it? Is it ok? Me and Toma, earlier at the filming location, we were talking about how Horikita will definitely come tonight.
M: Why?! Why? Why?
T: You're too easy to understand.
S: You talk too much about this radio show! Really, you talk too often about this radio show!
M: That's not true. You two were participating in it, that's why.
T: No, that's not true.
M: Wrong, my dream was for the three of us to take part in a radio show wearing matching t-shirts, but you two aren't wearing them, so I'm disappointed.
S & T: We're putting them on now, wait. You were talking about that earlier too.
M: Why~?
S: "Somehow.. Well.. But.. If you go to the radio show, you'll do this and that with Toma-kun. What would you two talk about? Is it ok to talk about things like that?" You said all this, and it was always talk about my radio show. That's too easy to see through.

We go into commercials.


You'll receive the broadcast in the whole country on channel 36.

Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma's "ALL NIGHT NIPPON"!

S: Ah, it was so surprising, we talked too much, so the commercial time got delayed. Let's confirm it. Today's special guest, who suddenly appeared. It's Horikita Maki-chan!
M: Good evening, I came over all of a sudden. I'm Horikita Maki.
S: And we'll continue with Ikuta Toma-kun keeping us company.
T: Yoroshiku, really.
M: Yes.
S: Now, wearing matching t-shirts.. I think just listening to our conversation, you won't be able to understand the image. We said we'd wear new t-shirts for today's radio show and me and Toma had bought them.
T: Three matching t-shirts.
S: Everyone said that we should take a photo of us two and show it to the others tomorrow at the filming location, so we brought them with us. But now, something terrible came to light. (lol)
T: Say what happened.
S: Is it ok, if I say it? We thought the t-shirts were the same, but.. the two in front of me are wearing black ones, but mine is.. navy blue.(LOL)
T: Why the hell?
M: Why didn't you notice it before?
T: But didn't we buy it together, Shun-kun?
S: Yeah.
T: Saying "Let's go with black!", "Let's choose this design!" and the size L for Shun-kun and me and M for Horikita and then we bought it, didn't we? Why did you buy navy blue then?
S: I wonder why..
T: What? Huh? You don't have it.
M: You don't have it again.
S: Wrong! Today, I really left it at the filming location.
T: Umm.. How should I say it.. A hair-band, right? Horikita Maki-chan gave hair-bands for Shun-kun and for me.
M: It fixes forelocks and messy hair.
T: Shun-kun got a red one, I got a light blue one and Horikita a purple one. Now me and Horikita wrapped them around our fingers. But Shun-kun.. confirm it.
M: Confirm it.
S: I'll confirm it... Don't have it. (lol)
T: What are you doing?
M: Why?
T: What are you doing?
M: Why are you always trying to slip away?
S: I think that's a bad trait of mine. Honestly.. Is this an urgent notice? Boldly.. Talking like it was a good thing.
T: It would be alright, if it was at least white. But navy blue is really awkward.
M: If we wash it many times, it will be ok, right?
S: Wait a moment..
T: Doesn't it look somehow fake?
S: We have always matching things.. The finger band.. The hair-band.. But this afternoon, I left it at the filming location..
T: It's impossible, huh?
M: Even when we all three had wrapped it around our fingers, when we showed them all at once, me and Toma-kun had it around our middle fingers and only Shun-kun had it around his index finger. (lol)
S: Well.. Wait a moment.. It's hot.
T: It's hot, right?
S: I started to sweat. When Horikita came in, the temperature increased..
T: It did, it did.
S: My body feels a bit hot.
M: My heart was beating a bit fast, so I.. talked too much today at the filming location about the radio show. I talked too much, huh?
S: When Toma came before 20 o'clock, we were talking about how you might come as well, but we didn't really think you'd come. I really thought today at the filming location: "She's someone who really can't lie." Really.
T: If she really came, we'd be sure that you can't lie after all.
S: She's really cute, huh? But really, when we were talking about the radio show, you've been making such a happy face. And we thought: "She really wants us to believe that she absolutely won't come to the radio show."
M: I have to apologize to all the people who kept it a secret.
S: But Toma didn't come at first and I said he'd come without asking, so I thought: "If he really doesn't come, I'd be embarrassed."
T: I'm glad I came.
S: Outside of the studio.. today, the producer of the project "Ikemen Paradise" Gotou-san is here. And this Gotou-san.. was it last week? when Mokkun said "Today I'll listen to your radio show for sure. I'll send a mail" and I said I'd be waiting. A lot of mails people with the last name Yamamoto came, but not from Mokkun. So I called Mokkun, but he said Gotou-san would send a mail over. And something came in.
T: Here's what Gotou-san was holding in his hand.
S: Company post from Fuji Television: "Finally Sha.. Finally.."
M: (lol)
T: Wait, wait. Confirm it!
S: Sano. Sano.
T: What did you say?
S: I said Sano.
T: Now read.
S: "Finally Sano jumped. And the excellent cheerboys also got applause. Next week's finally the 2 hour special. There's a rumor that there's a girl in Sakurazaki Gakuen, what will happen to Mizuki? Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. Ikemen Paradise. In short "RinoKimi". The broadcast from September, 11th had the highest ratings(20,9%) a few seconds and got very high ratings(19.5%) in the end!"
This news is going round. We did it! We all. We did it, Horikita!
M: We did it, huh?
S: It's because you've been doing your best.
T: That's right.
M: Nah, nah. The high-jump was really cool, right? Amazing! He really jumped over 170cm.
T: That's right. That's why that high jump scene.. Can't we change it somehow so it looks like I did it?
S: That's why I've said many times, today, everyone will get to see the final episode later, but today, Ikuta Toma-kun had a great act. Right? Can't we change it so it looks like I did it? (lol)
T: Today I was excited. A lot. Really, I put all my emotions into Nakatsu and was excited.
S: When it wasn't our turn we two went back to the make-up room and listened to the soundtrack of "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" together. We felt a bit like crying. (lol)
T: A bit like crying.
S: I said: "Don't come over!".
T: "Ikemen boogie nights".
S: "Ikemen boogie nights", right?
T: The ballad version of that.
M. Heeeeh..
S: It's always the main melody..
T: It plays in moving scenes.
S: When we listened to the ballad version of this melody, we both thought: This is bad..".. (bad as in "this is gonna make us cry")
T: We both became silent.
S: While making our make-up, we became silent.
T: That's right.
M: It's lonely, huh? Mmm..
T: Because it's going to end very soon.
S: In a few days. Lonely, huh?
M: The mood became serious?
T: The mood became serious!
S: The mood became serious!!
T: The mood became serious and Shun-kuns bangs are payapaya!
S: (lol) Shut up! They're not payapaya.
T: Confirm it.
S: I'll confirm it.
T: Use an iron and straighten them.
S: Lately, it's often humid. No matter what, my hair becomes all payapaya. (lol)
T: Wearing glasses with silver spots..
S: You got a problem?
T: Wearing a navy blue t-shirt..
S: My appearance today is awful.
T: What's with the jersey under the t-shirt? You're wearing a reddish-brown jersey.
S: Reddish brown, right? I wanted to see if Oguri Shun can look hot no matter what kind of jersey he wears. So I tried wearing a really uncool jersey. I'm totally not hot now, huh?
T: Not hot.
M: Not hot.
T: This way you won't be able to become like Mizushima Hiro.
S: You're right.. It feels like this. It's Oguri Shun "iketenai taiyou"(2), but let's go into commercial one more time, shall we?
T: Ok.
M: Ok.

(1. payapaya is a Japanese slang for some kind of interpersonal contact e.g. sex. Whatever Toma-kun really means, it can't be anything good. XD
2. This is a play on words.
Oguri Shun iketenai = An uncool Oguri Shun
iketenai taiyou = the contrary of an ikenai taiyou(a hot sun))


You'll receive the broadcast in the whole country on channel 36.

Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma's "ALL NIGHT NIPPON"!

S: "Ikemen Paradise" - Shuffle theatre! Now I want to try something special with today evenings guests Horikita Maki-san and Ikuta Toma-san. What we're going to do is something that the members from HanaDan, Hana Yori Dango also did before, when they were here. You shuffle the roles in the dorama, become the new role and read out scenarios from "RinoKimi". In other words, Oguri Shun says the lines of Nakatsu Shuichi, also tries to say the lines of Ashiya Mizuki, Toma-kun tries to say the lines of Sano and so on. That way we could try to play the scene and deliver an act, that you would never be able to watch in the actual dorama.
T: I see.
M: Ok.
S: Now here's the scene. Sano, Nakatsu and Ashiya are all three present, so at the first time Maki should read Ashiya's lines.
M: So I'm Mizuki.
S: Mizuki. And Toma is Sano.
T: I understand.
S: And I'm Nakatsu. Ok?
M: You two, weren't you envious of each other's lines?
S: That's right.
M: I think I'll like it.
S: You will.
T: I'll do it seriously.
S: I'll also do it seriously.
T: Hey!
S: I'm really serious!
T: Ikuta will show you seriousness!
S: I'm the one who's serious!
T: Idiot, I'm the one who's serious!
S: Idiot, I'm the one who's seriou-
M: We got it already, so let's just do it!
S: Ok. This way we always encourage ourselves, we two. (he said futakuri instead of futari = two)
T&M: (LOL)
S: That's why..
T: Confirm it!
M: Confirm it!
S: Wait a moment..
T: What did you want to say? "We two"(futari)?
S: "This way we always encourage ourselves, we two. At the filming location too, when me and Toma do this, Maki-chan tells us to stop with it and to hurry up.". That's what I wanted to say, but I said "futakuri". Futakuri..
T: We're futakuri.
S: We're futakuri.. Well, let's do it immediately, right?
M: Ok.
S: This is.. from the 10th episode of "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e", scene Nr.14, in dorm 2, room 205.
M: Yes.
S: Ok, start!

Shuffle Theater No. 1

M: I see.. Kagazakura.. He's amazing after all..
T: Yeah. Even if you compare him with all the athletes of the nation, he's still better. Hmm..?
M: Ah, nothing at all. Ah, I guess I should just ask him.. Sano, how did it go with your father?
T: Nothing. Today I didn't take part in the practice.
M: Ah, that's how it was..
T: Don't worry about my father.
M: Eh?
T: Because I don't think anything of him anymore.
M: I see.
T: Really.. Worrying about something like that.. It's ok, now just go take a shower.
M: Ok.
T: Ah.. ah.. ah.. umm.. that's.. umm..
M: I.. I'll go take a shower.
T: Ye-yeah, do that.
M: I got touched by Sano.. I'm glad that I was wearing a vest..
T: That was dangerous.. But since we're both "boys", it'd be weird to apologize. Recently I've been too careless, huh? It was kinda.. flat..
S: Where's Mizuki?
T: Ugh.. Ta-Taking a shower..
S: Did something happen?
T: Nothing. Why are you here?
S: The truth is.. there's something I want to ask you..
T: Ah?
S: Did you know? Mizuki is a.. fe.. fe.. fan of the singer Beyonce.
T: I didn't know.
S: Me neither.
T: That's all?
S: NOO! Mizuki is a fe.. fe.. ah.. fellow, who doesn't like steamed vegetables.
T: Hee..? Are you done?
S: Umm.. There's no way I could be done! For real, I'll ask you for real now. Did you know that Mizuki is a fe.. fe.. very condescending guy?
M: (lol) ..that's not true!
S: Fast.. You always shower so fast.
M: Nakatsu, so that's what you think about me?
S: Eeh?! Wrong.. Eh?!
T: I.. I'll go take a shower..
M: Ok..
S: M..
T: M?
S: Made it to the end.
S&T&M: Yay!
M: No matter how you look at it.. Compared to what I was expecting, it was just the normal Ikuta Toma-kun and Oguri Shun-kun. (lol) (Ouch, Maki can be really harsh. =P)
S: But I said it before. Each person has a specific character and the role this person has created doesn't change.
T: It can't change, right?
M: When Shun-kun said "There's no way I could be done!", he was trying a bit too hard.
T: "No way I could be done!!!"
S: Stupid, stupid. I'm able to play the role!
T: Really?
S: Yes, really.
T: Really?
S: It was also my first time playing this role.
T: That's true.
M: But you're always imitating him!
S: I do. But that's something else! (lol)
T: It's funny, huh?
M: Yeah.
S: Well then, let's do a shuffle with all three roles.
M: Me too? Mmm..
T: So Mizuki will be played by someone else.
S: Yeah.
T: Which one do you want?
M: Which one would be good?
T: Which one would you like to play?
S: Well, which one does Horikita want to play?
M: Sano or Nakatsu? Ehh..
S: Horikita, play Sano!
M: Ok, I'll play Sano. Yeah.
S: And Mizuki..
T: I'll be Mizuki. Ok.
S: And I'm Nakatsu.
T: You're Nakatsu again?
S: No matter what, I want to play Nakatsu! I want to play Nakatsu..
T: (LOL)
M: But do it in a different way than before..
S: Ah.. Then Nakatsu could play Toma.
T: Ok.
S: And I'll play Mizuki.. But.. Mizuki.. is a bit difficult.. it's a too high hurdle for me.
T: Then let's just do it in the order we're sitting, but shifted by one.. in this direction.
S: Yeah, right.
T: Then Horikita would play Nakatsu, I'd play.. (lol)
S: Why are you going counter-clockwise?
T: But then we would again..
S: Clockwise would be this way..
M: Don't have a fight!
S: Clockwise is this way! (Whoa, Shun-kun does sound a bit angry here. XD)
M: Don't have a fight!
T: Then I play Mizuki, Horikita plays Sano and..
S: And I play Nakatsu!
T: (lol)
S: I wanna play Nakatsu! I wanna become like "Mizushima Hiro"!
M: And who was I again? Eh..
T: Nakatsu.
S: Sano.
T: Sano, Sano, Sano.. Ok.
S: Well then..
T: The same scene like before.
S: The same scene like before from the 10th episode of "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e~Ikemen Paradise", scene Nr.14, in dorm 2, room 205. Ok, start!

Shuffle Theater No. 2

T: I see.. Kagazakura.. He's amazing after all..
M: Yeah. Even if you compare him with all the athletes of the nation, he's still better. Mmm..?
T: Ah, nothing at all. I guess I should just ask him.. How did it go with your father?
M: Nothing. Today I didn't take part in the practice.
T: Ah, that's how it was..
M: Don't worry about my father.
T: Eh?
M: Because I don't think anything of him anymore.
T: I see.
M: Really.. Worrying about something like that.. It's ok, now just go take a shower. Ah.. ah.. umm.. that's..
T: I.. I'll go take a shower.
M: Ye-yeah, do that.
T: I got touched by Sano.. I'm glad that I was wearing a vest..
M: That was dangerous.. But since we're both "boys", it'd be weird to apologize. Recently I've been too careless, huh? It was.. kinda flat..
S: Where's Mizuki?
M: Ta-Taking a shower..
S: Did something happen?
M: Nothing. Why are you here?
S: The truth is.. there's something I want to ask you.. Did you know? Mizuki is a.. fe.. fe.. fan of the singer Beyoncé.
M: I didn't know.
S: Me neither!
M: That's all?
S: NO! Mizuki is a fe.. fe.. fellow, who doesn't like steamed vegetables.
M: Hee..?
S: Surprising, huh?
M: Are you done?
S: Yeah.. There's no way I could be done! I'll ask you for real now. Did you know that Mizuki is a fe.. fe.. very condescending guy?
T: That's not true!
S: I guess so.. Fast.. You always shower so fast.
T: Nakatsu, so that's what you think about me?
S: Eeh?! Wait.. Eh?!
M: I'll go take a shower..
T: Oh.. Ok..
S: Umm.. The end.
T&S&M: Yay!!!
T: As Nakatsu, you're trying a bit too hard after all.
S: Why..?
T: "There's no way I could be done!"
S: Well, this.. "Nakatsu" is difficult, huh? I tried my best, really.
T: But.. Horikita's "Sano" is kinda good.
M: Good?
T: Your voice is like that of a man.
M: Yay.
S: As expected..
M: Yay.
T: It was as expected.. Umm.. How was it? My.. "Mizuki"?
S: Asha.. asha.. asha.. asha.. asha..
T: How was it?
S: Well, it was okay. Not more than that.
T: Ohh.. Suddenly.. "The hips go tooon!"
S: Well, well..
T: I really feel like we're just playing around. But this is being broadcasted, right?
S: That's right.
M: That's right..
S: We're transmitting this show to various places via electromagnetic waves. The whole natio- (he was trying to say zenkoku, but ended up saying zenkyoku)
M: (lol) Wait, confirm it!
T: Confirm it! What were you trying to say?
M: Zenkoku.
S: Zenkoku.
M: And what did you say instead?
S: Zenkyoku.
M: (lol)
S: The whole nation can listen to us on channel 36, right now.
T: Somehow, it always feels like this, huh?
S: Yes, it does..
T: At the filming location, too.
S: Although it's 2:20 am already, the tension here is still very high.
T: It's high..
S: Everything's okay.
T: Funny, this game is funny.
S: It's funny, huh? Now.. umm.. Let's play a song.
M: Ok.
S: We've been talking all the time, so let's play a song for the listeners.
M: Ok.
S: It's our opening song. "Ikenai Taiyou" by Orange Range! There you go!

(Maki's laughing in the background all the time, when Sano was playing Nakatsu. But still she was pretty harsh when criticizing him. Well, that's Maki's straightforward side, always saying directly what she's thinking. Even though she's much younger than Shun-kun, the way she was talking to him about his acting sounded like she was an older actress with more experience than Shun-kun.)


S: First of all, some new students have arrived (meaning they've sent a mail), so let's introduce them.
M: Ok.
S: From Shichido: "Otsu-tuuuus!(1) Sorry for being laaaate. It's sad that HanaKimi's ending. I wanted to talk more with Oguri-kun. Baaaaby!"
T: Good one.
S: Baaaaby!
T: He also included a "tsuuus!".
S: Yeah, an "Otsu-tuuuus!". And here's one from Korien: "Here's Korien. Until late at night.. Good work. I think work has been tough for you everyday with the filming and also this radio show, so please pay attention to your physical condition and do your best. Well, there's only a little left to film for "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" and I feel lonely when I think about the end. But I think I'll try my best at the remaining filming with all my might, so I don't lose to Oguri Shun-kun, Horikita Maki-chan, Ikuta Toma-kun and everyone else. In order to make this dorama the best dorama ever, let's keep doing our best until the very end. Everyone from the audience, look forward to the last 2-hour special episode and watch it by all means. Our goal is to pass over 30% ratings! Baaaby!"
T: (lol) Hot!
M: We have to do our best, huh?
S: The next one.. the title is "Apology mail", directed to all three of us. "Sorry for messing up in the important scene in the classroom the other day."
T: (lol) I got it already.
S: "Kitahanada from Sakurazaki Gakuen 2C".
T: (lol) It was a total failure.
S: It was a total failure, but what really hurt was that it was Daikokucho first, before that. But.. you had the same line today and messed up.
T: Me?
S: Yeah.
T: No, wasn't it Kanna?
S: Ah, it was Kanna, Kanna. "You will do mine. I will do yours. You will do mi.." (2)
T: It's become the opposite.
S: The opposite..
T: It's become weird..
S: Weird..
M: Weird..
S: Could you confirm it? The next one is from Gotenyama: "Hello, how's it going? I don't know what to write to you. I'm envious because it seems to be a lot of fun. I want to take part too. Since RinoKimi is already near the end, we don't have any choice but to do our best." Thanks, everyone, for sending mails.
M: Thanks.
S: The remaining people are.. before it was 11, now it's 7 people left..
T: That's right. Hey, Nobuo! Nobuo!
S: Noboru!
T: Oscar M. Himejima!
S: I bet Oscar is sleeping already, because he's an old man. (lol)
M: Shun-kun, your forelocks are becoming payapaya again.
T: Pay attention to that.
S: Yeah, yeah. Now, we received feedback on the shuffle theater, so let's introduce some of them. From Kaoru-san: "I listened to it while closing my eyes. It was very funny, but also very gross!"
S&T&M: (LOL)
T: Ari-tuuuus!(3)
S: Ari-tuuuus! Sorry, ari-tuuuus! Now from Keserasera: "Good evening. Yaaah.. Funny, I listened to it. Oguri's show is the best! When I listened while thinking that you're definitely making funny faces, I couldn't stop laughing. I'm sure, you three are tired, but the tension is still rising, it's amazing! Maki-chan is the one who heals you two, huh? I'm looking forward to the last episode."
T: Really, Shun-kun was making such weird faces, if you had seen him in motion, you would have regretted it.
S: I did, huh?
T: OH.. OH..
S: OH.. OH..
M: (LOL)
S: Well, well.. Here's a question mail. From Hiromi-san, Hiroshima-ken: "Shun-kun, Toma-kun, good evening." I think he probably sent it before the show started. "I watched the NG scenes on 'Ganbatta Taishou' the other day. At RinoKimi's filming, who was the one to produce the most NG scenes?"
T: I see..
M: I wonder who..
S: I wonder who it was..
T: I think Shun-kun had relatively many..
S: This summer, I had many huh? At many places I said I hardly produce any NG scenes. However.. at the launch or the end of dorama everyone, probably from the staff, look who has produced the most NG scenes. I'm ALWAYS the one.
T: Ah, I see. So you produce a lot..
S: I seem to it at pretty important parts.
T: (lol) I see, just like today.
S: Yes, today's the same. Eh, today?
T: Today, unable to read the atmosphere.. the hair band and the t-shirt.
S: Yeah, yeah.
T: You didn't have the hair band and so on.
S: It's because I can't read the atmosphere. It happens with important things.. For example, yesterday it was really Kitahanada who messed up at an important part and he apologized and before that it was Daikokucho. But the one who laughed in the very first place was me.
T: That's right.
M: That's right.
T: Starting from there like a contagion it came to Kimura Ryou, to me and spread over the whole team. Something like that.
S: It was a very important scene for Horikita Maki-san.
M: I endured it until the end and accomplished the scene.
S: So you also felt a bit like laughing?
T: Well, everyone was laughing..
M: I also wanted to laugh, but I endured it.
S: Then let me only tell you this. I was like this and stood up to take posture, right? And when I stood up, there was Ryou sitting near in front of me. When Ryou heard my line, I think everyone was trying their hardest not to laugh, but Ryou made "Heh" and his face changed a bit. Isn't that guy MEAN?! Really.. And when he did that, I ended up laughing. I really apologize to everyone.. Especially, Horikita-san, I'm really sorry.
M: No, no.
S: I said it before, but I make a lot of mistakes.
T: I think you make a lot.
S: I just end up laughing.
M: Once you start laughing, you can't stop anymore.
T: The scene with the "steamed vegetables" was like that.
M: Yeah, right. But at that scene, I was already outside of the picture, but I almost died while closing up my mouth, so my laughing can't be heard in the studio.
S: Right? If you had seen it from face to face..
T: There was Nakatsu's line "Mizuki doesn't like steamed vegetables" and umm.. I had to act like Kunie Tanaka-san, while saying "Oh.. Oh..". But when I did that, Shun-kun couldn't bear it no matter what, so the director told me "Umm.. Then please stop with the Kunie-san(4) act..". (lol)
M: That was the funniest thing ever..
S: I'm really sorry about that. I was really useless there, huh?
T: "Steamed vegetables.. He doesn't like them.." (Talking like Kunie-san)
S: That's what he was doing in front of my eyes and coming closer to me. When I said "Ah, I see.. Hee.. Is that all?"..
M: "No way I'd be done, Jun."
S: (lol) That's what he said to me. Of course I end up laughing!
T: You're not Jun.
S: I'm not Jun! I'm Sano Izumi!
T: I liked Horikita's "Komari-chan".
M: No matter how many times I said it..
T: When Nakatsu and Komari were having a date, Mizuki arrived and says "Ah, Komari-chan..". No matter what, she always said "Ah, Komari-chan." The intonation is different, right?
M: It's different, the little sister of my friend is called "Komari-chan". Because I've been calling her like this all the time, I thought you would say it like "Komari-chan" and when everyone pointed it out, I thought about it, confirmed it and it turned out that I had mistaken her for the other "Komari-chan".
T: You did 5-6 times, right?
M: I think that was the scene in the dorama, where I produced the most NG scenes.
S: "Komari-chan"?
M: "Komari-chan".
S: I wonder which scene I made the most mistakes in..
T: I wonder.. Isn't it that one.. "Gakkari sasechatta"? You were pretty stuck there.
S: I was trying to hide it.. But at the next take I put on my jersey the wrong way round. (lol)
T: Now that's something..
M: A lot of things happened, huh?
S: But, hey.. Look, Sano isn't allowed to laugh.
T: That's right. Because of his character.
S: And when you try to endure it, something like that happens. But everyone else, Himejima for example, he ends up laughing, but it'd be okay for him to laugh, there are scenes like that, right? Himejima and Tennouji as examples. Last time in episode 11, the jumping rope scene was too mean, right? "Uh... uh.. uh.. uh.. My eyes are spinning.."
T&M&S: (lol)
M: That was mean..
T: Yuma-kun was trying very hard.
S: That's how it is.. So the one with the most NG scenes might be me.
T: Maybe.. that's right. I hardly produced any.. This time..
S: That's right.. That might be.. Toma is the best! Toma-kun, the best!
M: There it goes, there it goes!
S: There it is, there it is!
T: Oh.. What?
M: There it is, there it is!
T: Oh.. I'm the target? (lol)
S: Let's introduce one more mail. From Kitty: "Which scene in RinoKimi is your favorite?"
T: Oh.. favorite scene..
M: Mmm.. Which one it could be..
S: Where?
T: Do you have any?
M: Favorite scene? Asked like that somehow I can only think of recent memories..
S: After all, the cheer scene was something, huh?
M: The cheer, huh?
T: The cheer dance? We practiced a lot..
M: We practiced.. When Shun-kun was filming Sano's scenes, we all gathered at another place and really practiced for hours a day, because we were running out of time..
T: Wearing Gachapin t-shirts, right?
M: Right, right! (lol) It was really like in a school at that time. Everyone said "Here!" to say his opinion and said "I think this part was bad" or "I think that part was good". We had serious discussions.
S: So that's how you did it all.
T: We practiced for about a week, right?
M: Not a week..
T: 5 times or 6 times..
S: 5 days.
T: 5 days?
S: But not everyone could participate in all 5 days, right? Yaa.. I got goose bumps, really.. It was wonderful. Yuma for example took part in the practice at only one day. Somewhere in the middle.. Yaa.. That's great.. Really.
T: Right.
S: He tried his best. But talking about dance scenes and so on, it's Ikuta Toma after all, who tried the hardest, right? (sarcasm?) He could dance right from the start. Acting all cool..
T: (lol) I didn't act like that.
S: What?
T: Which scene?
S: The ball dance scene for example.
T: Ball scene.. I practiced for the ball scene!
M: He practiced.
S: That was cool..
T: I was a bit nervous there. Like this.. and this.. (probably showing how he had to dance
S: (lol)
M: But those moves weren't planned in the beginning, right? You said you'd like to try them.
S: Toma decided by his own..
M: By his own..
T: (lol) Don't say that I decided it on my own..
M: It was difficult enough for me already, but the dance moves increased even more.. somehow..
S: Then he always his favorite phrase: "If you had my class, something like that would be no problem!"
M: (LOL)
T: No, no.. I've never said something like thaaaat!
S: Do you have any other scenes you like?
T: I had the scene, where I had to confess my love to Mizuki, right? After the dance..
S: "I like you"?
T: Yeah.
M: Yeah, right.
T: I was pretty nervous there. Nakatsu never had such a scene up to that point. I was wondering what to do, couldn't exactly do it in the rehearsals.. When I was thinking about what to do and returned to the make-up room, this guy Oguri Shun was waiting for me. He was waiting for me and said to me: "Do it freely, the way you want it. Believe in yourself. Well, see ya." and went back. I was really moved by that.
S: I see..
M: After that, the next scene had started and we went to the director's place one more time.
T: I wanted to it better, that's why we went to the director.
M: Then we did it over again.
T: He said "Ok, let's do it." and he gathered everyone from the staff. I was moved by that. Not a single person reacted badly at that, everyone gathered together in order to create a better scene. I was very happy.
S: That's because it was a very important scene. Really. In this dorama.. it's of course about the love story between Sano and Mizuki after all, but there's a feeling that Mizuki might go for Nakatsu. One would almost want to say "How sad and pitiful Nakatsu is.. Mizuki, go for Nakatsu!". That's why we had to that scene perfectly. When I saw an early version of the scene Nakatsu's eyebrows were all wrinkled and I thought it's not going well at all and I thought I'd go see you.
M: At that day, after the filming had ended, Toma-san said: "Come watch it!".
T: Shun-kun was waiting for us.
S: I was there all the time.
T: I was happy. Thank you. Oguri Shun.
S: Thank you, too.
T&S&M: (LOL)
S: I feel sick.. (me too lol)

(1. Otsu-tuuus! is probably a HanaKimi version of "Otsukarasama desu", which means "Good work.".
2. I haven't watched episode 11 yet, that's why I don't know the context of this part. Sorry, if I got it all wrong. I was planning to watch it all in one go, when the 12th episode is out. ^^
3. Ari-tuuus! is probably a HanaKimi version of "Arigatou", which means.. ah, I bet you know it all.. XD
4. A famous Japanese actor. In the dorama "Kita no Kuni kara", "Jun" seems to be the son of the character Tanaka Kunie plays. That's why Nakatsu was calling Sano "Jun". Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunie_Tanaka)


S: Even though it's already this late, we three are still doing this in high tension. Now are there any announcements you two would like to make?
T&M: Yes.
S: Well then..
T: Horikita Maki-san first.
M: Me first? Starting September 22th, Saturday evening at 21 o'clock, the special dorama "Deru Toko Demasho!" will be broadcasted.
T: Oh, "Deru Toko Demasho!".
M: Yes, "Deru Toko Demasho!".
S: What kind of dorama is it?
M: The original work is a manga, but this time a dorama was made out of it.
S: ..a dorama was made.
M: The characters that appear in this dorama are all politicians, so a lot of talk about the law will be shown. But it's a comedy. In the end everyone said to me that Horikita Maki is a comedian, I've done a lot of funny things.
S: It seemed like you did, Horikita Maki.
T: Amazing, huh? She could do as she pleased.
M: Not as I pleased.
S: That would be bad, wouldn't it?
M: Everyone please watch it by all means.
S: September 22th, Saturday.. evening at 21 o'clock, special dorama "Deru Toko Demasho!".
M: It's me from earlier.. with long hair..
S: Long hair? Horikitty?
M: Playing a girl wearing a school uniform..
S: A girl wearing school uniform? The girl Horikita Maki, right? September 22th.. Check it out and..
S&T: High touch!
S: Now, continuing on to Ikuta Toma-san, every time, every time he's here..
T: Every time, every time I'm here, I say the same. I'm very sorry, but October, the 9.. (lol)
S: Confirm it! Confirm it!
T: From October, the 5th to 14th, there will be the theater "The Two Gentlemen of Verona" will be shown in the Tokyo Globe House. Also in Osaka October, 27th to 28th in theater Brava. Everyone please come watch it.
S: "The Two Gentlemen of Verona" with Ikuta Toma, his first try at a Shakespeare theater.
T: You two, come too!
S: Oh..
M: Oh..
S: Oh..
M: Oh, w-we'll go, right?
S: We'll go..
T: Why do I have this feeling that you two won't come for sure?
M&S: (lol)
S: Well, well, this one, too, everyone.. maybe it's difficult to get tickets now, but everyone who has time, please go watch it.
T: Yes.
S: And now the last episode of "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e~Ikemen Paradise", where we all will appear, will be shown next week, September 18th, Tuesday, starting 21 o'clock as a 2-hour extra special.
M: Amazing, huh?
T: Amazing..
*clap, clap, clap*
S: Well, Ashiya Mizuki, what's the highlight?
M: Highlight?
S: Say it.
M: Umm.. What could it be? After all, it's coming to an end.. When we got the scenario, we directly started with the filming of the last episode. It was really sad to act like it's the last time.
S: Sad, right?
M: It is sad! I did it while thinking "Why do I have to say these lines?"!
S: Really, the final scene of the last episode, which we filmed it today.. Just by watching it, you become teary.
T: Yeah..
M: But.. There was an advance notice telling that it's almost done. It was like "Now.. with that.. it's done."
S: This person, Ikuta Toma-kun.. when that notice came, he started to cry!
M: (lol)
S&T: Yaaaay!
S: When he saw the notice, he cried!
T: I saw it together with Shun-kun, but when I saw the notice, I cried!
S&T: Yaaaay!
M: (lol)
S: You cried suddenly like "Zuuuuu!", right?
T: While watching it..
M: We have a lot of nice memories.. it's a wonderful dorama.
S: It was exciting, huh?
M: It was. The highlight is.. everyone from Osaka Gakuen found out that Mizuki is a girl and to see if she's going to get cut off and to see what happens to everyone in the end is the highlight in my opinion.
T: After that it's about how we live our lives. I want everyone to watch it until the end. (this sentence sounded really weird, no really deep.. X_x)
M: (lol)
T: Right now.. Why did you laugh just now?
M: It's somehow.. we-weird.
T: Well, sometimes I just end up saying deep/hot words.
S: Yeah, you do. It's deep/hot.
T: I'm troublesome, huh? I'm really troublesome.
S: However.. The other day we two went out to eat something, right? I was the one who kept on saying random deep/hot things all the time. I felt a bit sick, when I thought about it afterwards.
T: Normally, there are many customers there, right? But Shun-kun kept saying those kind of words as if they were normal.. Like "I'm glad that I met you".
T&S&M: (LOL)
M: I feel sick..
S: Right?
T: I was laughing like this, but I said "I'm also glad that I met Shun-kun".
M: You two really love each other, huh?
S: We've been only saying things like that. But things like that, if you feel like conveying them, you have to do it. Saying thanks to people and so on. Right? It was a lot of fun, right?
T&M: That's right.
S: The acting was also a lot of fun, but that's the first major premise, right?
Like with our acting, we make a good dorama.
T&M: Yeah.
S: But still, when you make friends with each other and talk about various things, coming to the filming location is also fun and when the acting also becomes fun, there isn't anything more wonderful than that, right? And that's why we of course in this radio show, in the middle of it, we throw in private jokes and so on. But if we're not the only ones having fun and the listeners also follow us, there's nothing better than that, right?
T: Yeah, that's right.
M: Yeah, that's right.
S: You two, you've spent a nice summer, right?
T: Yes, we did.
S: You should be thankful to me!
T: Eh?
S: Gome-tsuuus! (I think this is the HanaKimi version of "Gomen"(Sorry))
T&M: (lol)

S: Today evening, it's been two hours, but let me announce some things for this radio show. The movie release date "Kuroozu Zero" has been decided, next week, I'll talk about it in detail, so please look forward to it. I'll also appear in tomorrow's "Kuwazugirai Ou", so please check it out. I hope we can talk about it in next weeks show as well. Starting this weekend "Sukiyaki western jango" will be shown, September the 15th, Saturday. I'd be happy if everyone watches it as well. The mail address is oguri@allnightnippon.com. (and a lot of talk about things about his radio show, I didn't get the rest, because Shun-kun is talking extremely fast here. O_o)

S: Well, you two.. the ending time has come.
M: Time went by really fast.
T: It's my third time already, but this one was the fastest.
S: Fast.
T: Today, I came here for the third time!
S: I think there aren't any other guests, who came three times. If you have time, you could come for a fourth time.
T: Eh? Is that ok?
S: Well.. Maybe everyone, who's listening to the radio show is thinking "Isn't it enough already, Ikuta-kun?"
T: Then I'll come for sure!
M: (lol)
T: I'll come for sure!!!
S: And I want to introduce this mail, too. From Hiroshima-ken, Sora-san: "Shun-kun, Toma-kun, Maki-chan, good evening."
M: Good evening.
S: "I'm really glad I stayed awake. Tomorrow I have to get up at 6 o'clock and work on Thursday is pretty harsh, but since you are all doing your best, I have to do my best at work as well!"
M: Please do your best!
T: Do your best! Thanks.
S: The next one is from Nagano-ken, Purin-san: "Oguri-san, Ikuta-san, Maki-chan, good evening. Here's a question: What was the result of the personality test that Oguri-san and Ikuta-san were doing, before Maki-chan came in? I'm really interested in it. RinoKimi's last episode will be shown soon, huh? I'm sure I'll cry." Well, the personality test was only made so that Maki-chan could come in while we were slowly counting to ten. That was just a lie that the staff had thought of.
T: I see.
S: If you don't understand the result, it means that there is no result. That was like that. And I was fooled, closed my eyes and was counting to ten, when I suddenly opened my eyes, Horikita was sitting there.
M: Everyone even lied for me, but I somehow got exposed, I'm really sorry.
T: Today's impression would be that, right?
S: Horikita-san is really..
T: ..cute I think. Really.
S: Really.
M: (lol)
S: A person who can't lie. That's cool.
T: That's amazing.
S: Really cool.
M: I'm really sorry.
S: It was Toma's third time and Maki-chan's first time. Really, thank you very much.
M: No, thank you too.
T: Thank you very much.
S: Keeping me company until this late.. However, the dorama will end in a few days.
T: That's right.
M: That's right, huh?
S: Let's do our best! Everyone!
M: Let's do our best!
S: And thank you for everyone from class 2c, who sent an attendance mail.
T: Thank you.
M: Thank you.
S: Once again, today's guests were Horikita Maki-san and Ikuta Toma-kun!
T: Thank you very much.
M: Thank you very much.
S: Now it's time to part with everyone.
T: Yep.
S: Everyone have a good start into the new day! That was Oguri Shun and..
M: ..Horikita Maki and
T: ..Ikuta Toma!
S: Bye bye!
T: Bye!
M: Bye!
S: Good night!


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Mar. 7th, 2016 09:20 pm (UTC)
Can't believe I found this translation after all that long (8 years already, right?). Thank you soooo much for translating the whole broadcast. Missing Hana Kimi like crazy T___T
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