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Wink Up 2007.5

After the play ended, I’ve basically been holed up at home everyday. I was starting to think “This is pretty bad.” when Yoko (= Yokoyama Yu) called me to ask “Let’s go eat.” and so the two of us went. Yoko, that guy asked me “What do you want to eat?” and I said “Hmm, let’s eat barbecue.” But then he told me “There’s a kebab house that’s pretty good.” Then why ask me “What do you want to eat?”!? Why fool me like that!? Yappari it’s Yoko~. It was too bad that that kebab house was full so we took my idea, but he kept asking “Is that place good?” (Laugh) Yoko knows a lot of places. He’s a food pro~. After we happily finished eating, the parting scene was Yoko taking the taxi and me walking to the train station. When he was leaving Yoko yelled from the taxi “Toma, byebye~~~~!!!! Let’s get together again next time~!!!!” (Laugh) He screamed like this and it was so embarrassing. What’s special about Yoko is that he wasn’t trying attract attention or get me in trouble. He just wanted to do that. (Laugh) Elementary student…I was mocking inside.

After the fun day, the next day Yoko called again and asked “Let’s go play.” (Laugh) He said “Ohkura is here too. Let’s go play darts.” “Tomorrow I have work very early.” I refused like this but Yoko attacked me: “What! I don’t care! Come!” (Laugh) I replied “Alright, I got it~” and when I was preparing to leave, Yoko called again. “Where are you now?” “I’m changing. I’m going soon!” “Where are you now?” “I’m on my way!” “Where now?” “I already said…” It was like this. (Laugh) Nino (= Ninomiya Kazunari) also came that day. I haven’t seen Nino in private for a really long time. We divided into two groups to play darts and it was really fun~. Midway Ohkura suggested “Let’s divide into ‘Haikei TEAM’ and ‘SHOCK TEAM’.” I said “Ah, that’s a good idea~.” Later, when it was about the third round, “Ohkura, you’re not in SHOCK!” We realized then. (Laugh) It was really funny~. In Kanjani8, I know Ohkura the least well, but he fits my type of humor. He’s really high~. When Nino was shooting he yelled “Nino, bring me to Hollywood~!” (Laugh) Nino responded “Okay, leave it to me!” Members like these can also divide into ‘Enbujo TEAM’ and ‘Stand By Me TEAM’. (Laugh)

The third day? No matter what I can’t keep up 3 days in a row. (Laugh) It was really fun and I want to go again. The Yokoyama Legend… ‘Yokoden’ for short, will continue. (Laugh)

Yoko is indeed an elementary student LOL Ahh can you tell just by reading this how much they had fun together. I wanna go and play dart with them too XDD This is one of the reason I love Toma, he got along with everyone pretty well and he's a good writer too ^^ Definitely one of my fave JE writers ^^ And extra points for Yoko for dotting on Toma like this haha.



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