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8/1 volume 47

Today's also outdoor filming!

Now there's some free time, so Shun-cyama and I are eating out.
We ordered 3 hamburgers. Yaho~

Yesterday's set was a scene with Mizuki and Sano, but Shun-kun and I mimicked M.C. Hammer too much. My body aches...
We laughed so much my stomach hurts too...
It was a long scene but we finished it loudly.

Today I'll work hard too~


8/2 volume 48

Yesterday the 3 of us had filming from morning till night again.
We were laughing the entire time.
I felt happy.

Since I won’t see Shun-cyama again for some time, at last we hugged good-bye. Yes, very disgusting.

Then, I received a mail like this: “If you’re up for it, please listen to today’s radio.” I sent back “I definitely will so work hard!” and I listened.
He told lots of behind the scenes stories. Midway he suddenly played the M.C. Hammer song that’s very popular among us right now and I cracked up.
Work hard for the Osaka shows!

Ah, lately Shun-cyama seems to be checking my entries everyday. (Laugh)
He even said “I can’t wait till 9.” Thank you.

I don’t why I’m only writing about Shun-cyama like a lovers’ entry…

Ma, forget it. (Laugh)


You already saw it, but today I’m have time so I’ll write a bit more.

Yes yes, the “very serious thing” I mentioned before.

It’s finally been decided

Hmm, it’ll be very amazing…

Also, this “very serious thing” doesn’t just refer to one thing…ufufu…

It’ll be very scary, Rinokimi (*Shun’s nickname for ‘Hana Kimi’)!


That person will……?


I almost said it…

So, today I’ll have to force myself to end!
Look forward to it! I’m also looking forward to it!

8 /3 volume 49

Today is recording for 'Vanilla Kibun GO! GO! Sata'.

I was told to film the set of Rinokimi, so I used VTR and a digital camera to take lots of behind the scenes pictures. The recording set atmosphere was very good!

But the broadcast...still a long way to go. (Laugh)

So just wait for a bit!

So, I'm going to the studio!


8/4 volume 50

I can finally say it.

Even though lots of people already know, in October I'll be in a play! Ikuta Toma's first Shakespeare play.

The name is 'Two Gentlemen of Verona', an earlier work of Shakespeare's.

And it's a comedy.

Even though these classic works might seem too high-class, this is one of Shakespeare's works that's very easy to get into. I hope many people will come to see it, so yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Ahh but today's so hot. Everyone! Careful not to get overheated!


8/5 volume 51

It’s midsummer~~

It’s too hot damn it~!!
Anyway I’m writing out what I’m feeling right now.

Yesterday I went to Kanjani8’s concert.
Then, somehow I went on stage. (Laugh)
Since I didn’t plan to go on at all, I came on in my slippers.
I went to Tokyo Dome in my slippers.
Stupid me!

But the concert was great. I was touched. Because I knew their difficult times, when I saw them having a concert in Tokyo Dome, something in me kept rising. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I cried a little.

Therefore, it wasn’t too good to be called on stage. Somehow I feel bad.
Something everyone worked so hard for, I easily invaded. (What’s more in slippers, Laugh)
Hmm, but Eighto fans warmly welcomed me. I was very happy.

Afterwards I ate with Yoko and when I told him “I was touched. It’s awesome to have Tokyo Dome filled with fans,” he was very happy. Probably because of this, he asked me to stay with him till late at night when it won’t affect tomorrow’s work.

It was fun.

Everyone work hard for the remaining Tour!

I’ll work hard for the drama.

By the way, in the middle of the night Shun-chan sent a mail asking “What’re you doing?” and I replied “I’m with Kanjani8’s Yokoyama.” He sent back a reply saying “I’m a bit jealous.” (Laugh)

How lonely are you? (Laugh)


8/6 volume 52

Today’s also outdoor filming.

Since I have the privilege of being part of the cast, I’ll see episode 6 a bit earlier than everyone. Awesome, huh? Ahaha.
But we haven’t seen it yet. Ahaha.

I want to watch it sooner.
I really want to.

Tomorrow night at 9:00, me in Rinokimi, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


8/7 volume 53

Yesterday we were filming outdoors until dawn.

I'm exhausted.

So everyone, today is episode 6's broadcast! The turning point is almost here~ So fast.

Definitely check it!


8/8 volume 54

I'm filming outside!

So, there's no time~!

I'm sorry~!

Today, someone put ants in my clothes.

The criminal is Horikita M-san.

Today's set is happy too.



8/9 volume 55

The sun is at the max.
It's so hot~

Lately it seems that all I'm saying is "so hot so hot"…

Today I lent the akihabara@DEEP DVD to the make up artist. Shun-chan also said "It seems very interesting~ lend it to me too~"… So happy!

Those who haven't seen it, please use this opportunity (What opportunity?) or go to the rental store or buy the DVD box to enjoy it. Even though it’s a work that I myself am in, I’m still recommending it.

Ah, also Shun-chan’s movie ‘Kisaragi’!
It’s very interesting!
I love this type of work.
So that one too! It should still be playing? If it already ended, please wait for the DVD! (Laugh)

This has been Ikuta Toma’s random recommendations entry~ (Laugh)


8/10 volume 56

Did everyone buy the ‘anan’ that’s released today?

This one has things related to the drama.

A bit later Hanazakari will have an episode where Mizuki and the rest will be models. That magazine is anan. So this is a project to release the anan that has their photos as a regular magazine.

So, the anan that will appear in the drama is now in stores~ like this!

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e X anan

Amazing, huh? (Laugh)

So, those haven’t bought it, run to buy it!

So, everyone please spend the second half of Rinokimi in excitement too~!!


8/11 volume 57

Today is the photo-shoot for the poster and pamphlet of 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona'. It's finally starting.

I look forward to how they will turn out.

Sorry for being so short.


8/12 volume 58

The pamphlet for 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona' will be great!

It's the same photographer as Azumi and he can beautifully display the lighting effects.
The costumes are also prince or noble-like......
What's more I was holding something like a bouquet.
Looking forward to it very very much.

Then when I woke up in the morning, there were 5 mails and calls. I didn't notice at all. What a popular person I am.

So, till tomorrow~


8/13 volume 59

It's a rare refreshing day. It'll be easier for outdoor filming...I thought so, but today's on the set. It gets the award of regrets.

Ah, and it rained...

Ah, I'm so hungry.
What should I eat for breakfast?
Yappari soba...

Ah, this was taken last time at the beach. I just uploaded it.
(Picture of the 'Ikemen Paradise' sign neon lights.)

Please prepare for episode 7 tomorrow.

So! Goodbye!


8/14 volume 60

During our lunch break I went outside to seat soba.

I wanted to eat soba so I went to a soba shop but I ordered curry rice there. Woohoo curry is the best!

Today is episode 7!

Everyone stick to the TV!


8/15 volume 61

Today I'm also doing it~
Still doing the drama~
In excitement.

Did everyone watch the broadcast yesterday?
Ahh really really? This one is also the best? Thank you.

There's only about a month left and I feel lonely when I think about it, but I'll finish it happily~!

Ahh the McDonald's in the morning was delicious~


8/16 volume 62

Now it's lunch break.

We did cosplay.

Everyone might misunderstand when I write it like this...Actually we only filmed some scenes with a cosplay feeling. We happily tried on various costumes and took pictures. Even if I can't show them to everyone I don't regret it. I'm really mean, huh.

So, I'll also work hard at night~


8/17 volume 63

Yesterday all the SMAP senpais and I were at the same studio, so I went to their dressing room to greet them.

Ahhhh so nervous so nervous...

But everyone was very gentle to me. I'm so happy.

Shingo-kun even said "I watched the drama." He even mentioned "The part where you had a soliloquy by yourself was great!" He's really watching it...
So happy......

So grateful!

So today I'm also Hanazakaring.

The weather seems a bit gloomy but still very hot. Geez. After the outdoor filming today there's an interview for 'VERY'.

Ah, also!

I'm going to be on Shun-cyama's radio show again. It broadcasts late night on the 29th at 1:00. Looking forward to it~ We said this time it'll be done in a relaxed manner without much effort (the talk part). But last time it was pretty relaxed too...is it alright? My husband.

Ahhh I'm really looking forward to it!
Everyone too! Please stay awake into the night!

So, I'm going filming!


8/18 volume 64

Today after I'm done with something related to Rinokimi, I have an interview with 'Fujingaho'.
There are also lots of interviews for the play.
I'm still filming for the drama, so somehow I feel a bit fickle.

I'm sorry Shun-chan......

Uwah I'm so disgusting!!


8/19 volume 65

Today I'm also Hanazakaring.

In the morning I ate soumen. (from the convenience store)

Yummy~! Yummy~!

Yappari it's soumen for the the summer~ (even though it's from the convenience store)

So I have no time~ that's it!


I tried to rhyme.


8/20 volume 66

Now is a filming break.

Even though before moving filming was still going but I ended early.

So I'm waiting for Ashiya and Sano here.

Yes, it's a bit lonely.
We might move any minute and it's a bit lonely.
Lonely for what?

Now I watched X's DVD. (I don't know how many times I've watched it...)
I always stubbornly rewatch it.
A DVD I've watched endless times...

Ahh~~I want to see the live.

Ahh~~I'm so free.


Tomorrow's episode 8 also yoroshiku.


8/21 volume 67

Today the 3 of us filmed together the entire time. During the break yesterday, due to Mr. Sano's suggestion we watched the @DEEP DVD together. (Somehow it got transferred from the Make-san to Shun-cyama.)

In my lead and personal preference, we started watching from the Danbi (*Taiko zombie) episode. Shun-cyama laughed the entire way but Horikitty thought it was scary. (Laugh)

Somehow there's an unbelievable feeling, about others watching me in the past. It's a little embarassing.

So! Even though there's no Danbi, today's episode 8!

Definitely don't miss it! Naturally because......

Ahh, that was close...

Anyhow! Don't move your eyes till the end!

8/22 volume 68

Today I've also been Hanazakaring since the morning.

Speaking of which, did everyone watch the On Air yesterday?

This is it.

The very serious thing......

In episode 9 next week, Inagaki Goro-kun will have a special guest appearance!
Ahh, I never thought I'd be able to work a SMAP member in this drama...never in my dreams.
This drama is really like a summer festival now.

Goro-kun seemed very happy during filming. It was great. Working together after such a long time, I was very happy.

It was a very popular scene from the manga - Nakatsu cheating.

I hope everyone remembers to check it out!

And another thing!

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
It's been decided to re-broadcast starting tomorrow! Those who missed it or watched it all, definitely definitely watch it again. As for details on the broadcast time......

Please try to search for it. (Laugh)

That's all~



8/23 volume 69

Yes, hi everyone!
Today I've also been filming since the morning!

Yesterday I was able to go home early, which I haven't done in a while. Banzai~
But the computer that was in repair was sent back, so I was busy with various things till the evening......
Damn it!

So, today I'll also work hard~


8/24 volume 70

Today is the press conference for 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona'. The director Glen-san and all the cast attended.

I think we'll be a very good team.
I'm looking forward to it. Glen-san is a very direct and strong female. I hope we'll develop sparks with our abilities during rehearsals.

So, now I'm heading to outdoor filming for the drama. After that there'll be interviews. Today's schedule is very tight, but I'll work hard.

Lately I'm suddenly obsessed about kishimen with umeboshi. I ate it yesterday and today. Very delicious. Everyone please try it if you get the chance.


8/25 volume 71

During lunch break, I ate soba with Oscar and Kayashima. We also drank Suba. Kayashima was very interested in the menu I ordered. He said next time he'll order the same. Kayashima is cute!
It was a surprising group but we had fun.
Today I also ended surprisingly early, so I was wondering around. I watched the sunset at the park as I listened to the the music box CD that Mizuki lent me. It was very refreshing.

Then, I received some suggestions from my husband about the conference yesterday.

" 'It might be love between Shun-kun and I.' When Ikuta Toma jokes like this...how much do you really like me?!" Like this.

Ma, about this topic, let me talk about it on the radio next time.

Today I'll focus on Ikemen Paradise. Ahaha.

So, good-bye!


8/26 volume 72

Today the author of 'Hanazakari no Kimitach e', Nakajo Hisaya-sensei, is coming to the film set.

"Do I look okay? (Laugh)"

I asked without thinking. The pressure of portraying Nakatsu in front of the person who created him...it's an indescribable feeling.

Today will be another long day, but I'll be acting with anticipation.



8/27 volume 73

Today filming was very long~!
Work hard~! Oh~!

A while ago I wrote about Kayashima here. Somehow Kayashima heard about it from someone......

So he asked me: "You wrote about me on the cell phone site?"

"Hmm, I did."

I answered, and heard him say in a very soft voice......

"......I did it."

He said so.

Yappari Kayashima is very adorable! (Laugh)

What? Perhaps I have a pink aura right now? (Laugh)

Ciao. e175.gif

8/28 volume 74

Yesterday we filmed till the morning.
So sleepy.

Today is the broadcast of episode 9!

Inagaki Goro-kun will play the role of Kitahama-sensei. Don't miss it!

Also, tomorrow I'll be in 'Radio de Culture'! It'll start very early but I'll work hard. At night is Shun-chan's radio show! It'll be very late but I'll enjoy it. Yoroshiku.

Everyone please enjoy Ikuta Toma in live broadcast tomorrow.

Ciao. e175.gif

8/30 volume 76

Today I've been filming outdoors since the morning...it's very tiring but I'll get past it~! Oh~!

The weather isn't so good but I'll work hard~! Oh~!

Speaking of which......today I wanted to end here...but just now I received a request from Mizuki-san and Hara Akiha-san for improvement.

Work hard for the the entry.
Flesh out the topics more.

So let me try.

I ate a hamburger bento. I became excited. After I become excited I'll be energetic. Then I'll be in a good mood the whole day. Then I can perform well in the drama --> Everyone will be happy --> I'll be happy --> The world will brighten up --> I'll feel that I live in a wonderful world.

Jyan Jyan.

Ahh no more...I think my head is becoming weird...

So, that's all.



Ah, I typed it twice...... e175.gif

8/31 volume 77

Just now I got a phone call from the Telephone Shocking corner in 'Waratte Iitomo!'

It'll be on Monday, so yoroshiku.

Probably because the 200 cast and extras talked to Tamori-san. I'm a bit unprepared. Will it be okay...

Shun-kun just keeps yelling "Baby~!" This is a popular phrase among us lately.

But everyone also yelled "Iitomo~!" for me, so the excitement has been conveyed?

I'm not sure why the telephone voice was so low, I almost couldn't hear. (Laugh)

Alright, so I'm going back to filming!

Ciao. e175.gif




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