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7/24 volume 39

Yesterday, during the break I ate dinner Mizushima Hiro-kunm, who plays Nanba-senpai.

Recently I often talk about serious topics with Hiro. Since we're the same age, naturally we're always together.

Alright, it's finally episode 4! Everyone hurry and gather in front of the TV!


7/25 volume 40

Today is interview day!

Today I've been playing music that I used to listen to, but they're not recent. More like a 'reminiscing collection'...
I'm heading towards work as I'm listening to them.
By the way Kuroyume is playing right now...Oh wow, my buried youth has been awakened! Kiyoharu gakkoi~!
Ah, seishun (青春 - youth) and Kiyoharu (清春) look very similar...I noticed just now. Hmm, that's all I wanted to say...

Ah, did everyone watch the 4th episode?
Please look forward to next week!

So! Goodbye!


7/26 volume 41

After work I went to the CD shop. I didn't plan to buy anything but I still bought a lot...

I haven't gone lately. Occasionally it's nice like this!

Yesterday were interviews for 'PINKY', 'non-no', and 'telepal f'. If I didn't pass the information...you would forget to check, right? (Laugh) I'm so considerate~

So, today I'm Nakatsu again.


7/27 volume 42

Mizuki, Sano, and I, the 3 of us filmed together after a long time.
It's been very exciting since the morning.

So, perhaps because we're in character...lately if the 3 of us aren't together it feels lonely. (Laugh)

It seems to be almost halfway...so fast...I really don't want to say 'byeby' to everyone...

Uwaa...there seems to be a negative aura...

Ma~forget it. There are days like this!


7/28 volume 43

Today's that right? The fireworks festival?
There'll be lots of girls in yukatas...It seems fun.

Fireworks...so wonderful...

Speaking of fireworks, before when I was playing fireworks on the beach after filming, someone set a rocket firework and it headed straight toward me. I was scared.
Ma, but I wasn't hurt.



7/29 volume 44

Today there was no filming, so I went to see Takizawa Enbujou.

Takki worked so hard. His posture great as usual. He seems so natural on stage.

Somehow seeing the kids who just entered the Jimusho brought up lots of memories. I stood on stage without knowing anything. Speaking of which, I'm really not used to those shiny costumes.
Nowadays the kids' costumes are great.
We had a bunch of enamel jackets and such~ (Laugh)

Today I'll also work hard.
In a enamel jacket!



7/30 volume 45

Withstand the wind...

Withstand the rain...

We're filming outdoors.

So tomorrow is episode 5's broadcast. So fast.
Recently, a little kid called me "Nakatsu". So cute so cute...I'm so happy.

Today also work hard!
Little kid!


7/31 volume 46

Ah oh no...

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e...

This is really not good...

If this is a go, it'll be really bad...
I'm overly excited but it'll still be bad...

Ahhh~ no~

Just say it~

Ah, today's episode 5.
Remember to watch.


Ah it's really bad......





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