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With an African Daisy (That's the flower she's holding in case you don't know.)

Here I am, in the middle of collecting data. (I really don't know what she means with collecting data. @_@)
Today I tried being a bit girly and took a photo with an African Daisy in my hand.
I really love African Daisies, you know?
I wonder if I should stop by the florist again after a long time..☆

【To Maki From Maki】
The sense for the days of the week..

Mmm.. Today's a refreshing sunday morning.
Since I'm not going to school anymore, I lost my sense for the days of the week, I guess I'm becoming more and more an useless working adult...
For example, today I only noticed that it's Sunday because hoshiuranai didn't start, even though it was time(-__-) (hoshiuranai = horoscope, maybe a tv or radio program that gets broadcasted everyday except sunday?)
When I've finished eating the soba I love, I'll do my best at this evening's film shoot as wel

【To Maki From Maki】
Thank you very much!

I've received this many fanletters from everyone!
I was so happy that I've piled them all up!
We've also started filming the last episode of the dorama. Thanks to all the warm and encouraging words from you I think I'm going to be able to do my very best at the last part!

「Comb Day」

Today's the 4th of September, the "Comb Day"! (comb(kushi) is pronounced in Japanese the same way as 9(ku) + 4(shi), hence the 4th of September.)
And at this "Comb Day" I received the "Short Hair Award", which consists of a trophy and a huge comb.
I was happy because I also got to wear a beautiful kimono, but as expected, this weather is too hot to wear a kimono, so I was dripping with sweat in the end. (lol)

The effect of the typhoon..

Again at the filming location today.
The weather was somehow tiring because it suddenly started to rain with thunder roaring, followed by sunshine afterwards.
Today's the birthday of the daughter of someone from the staff! She said she's 6 now! Congratulations♪
That's exactly one third of my age~
Tomorrow we'll be filming again, but I'll get the chance to play some basketball after a long time!
I'm sooo looking forward to it.

Basketball since early morning

I played basketball~!
I was dripping with sweat since early morning... But it became a good exercise.
My body wouldn't move at all and I felt how my physical strength and my muscles had weakened, but it was fun after all.
Today I'll do my beeest again!

【My Supporter】
The end is near!

That was a terrible typhoon, right?(>_<)
Today at the filming location we had to wait for the typhoon to pass before we could continue filming.
The last few days, it's been sad to have to say my last lines...
Every time we're finished with filming for a day, I feel like we're coming closer to the end.
Meanwhile, I received this strap from the producer. There's even a message attached to it.
So I changed my mind and started thinking: "It's sad, but let's do our best at the filming set!"
Tomorrow, I'll do my best again with a smiling face like the clear weather after a typhoon!

【Staff Diary】
「New "Lotte" commercial for "紗々"」 ("紗々" is the new product she's holding, I'm not sure but I'd read it as Shasha)

Maki's new commercial will be shown starting 11th!
This time, it's a gentle mature Horikita wearing traditional Japanese clothes.
In the commercial, she'll say some shocking words and more...
Please look forward to it!!




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