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【Staff Diary】
Since the hair cut

How did you like the cover of BLT?
Since Maki cut her hair short, she's appeared in many gravure magazines, so please check them all out.
She's playing a boy in the dorama, but she looks pretty mature with this short hair, doesn't she?

A junior will appear in Hanazakari!

Today was my first appearance with a junior from my agency, Asano Kaya-chan. (I'm not sure about her name, it might be read differently.)
Gradually, I've come to like this uniform..

Women's clothing...?

Yep, I've been wearing one today!
It is really womanly, huh?
I was embarrassed because of the cool wind passing through my legs.
To think that I've been wearing these kinds of clothes everyday.

(The last part means that she's not used to wearing dresses anymore. Somehow it's strange to see Maki writing something like this, because she used to love wearing dresses.)

【Today's Work】
Tomato jelly

Today I received tomato jelly as a refreshment. I was very curious, so I immediately ate it all. It was sweet, sour and a bit salty altogether. (lol)
I really love tomatoes. Before this I made tomato soup by myself. Even if it's weird to say so myself, it was veeery delicious.
I also like eating tomatoes the way they are. I'm not the type to add salt or anything else, but my little sister likes to eat them with sugar.
Tomatoes with sugar, does that really taste good?
Ah, I'm sure tomato jelly contains sugar, because it does taste good!
Maybe I should also try eating them with sugar next time~☆

【Today's Work】
Continuation of "Professor Layton"!

I just came back from the dubbing of the sequel of "Professor Layton".
It's been a long time since I had to play the role of the boy Luke, but it went really smooth. I guess it's thanks to the role of a "boy" I'm playing in HanaKimi.
The release date hasn't been decided yet, but please look forward to it!


Last weekend I went to a live concert of my beloved "EXILE"!
I had one of the "all standing" seats, so it was a very hot concert~♪
It was really cool.
I was cheering for them with this flag☆

【Staff Diary】
The television♪♪

We're at the photo shoot for the cover of the weekly magazine "The Television" that will come out in 8th of August.
Horikita Maki and her first "lemon cover"!!!
She was so happy, so everyone gave her their lemons, too...
Everyone, please buy it〜

("The Television" is one of the most important magazines in Japan, even the quarterly "Drama Academy Awards" are held by this magazine, so it's a big step for Maki to appear on it's cover. Imo it should have happened a lot earlier. >_> The cover always shows artists holding a lemon and it seems like Shun and Toma gave her theirs, that's why Maki got three lemons in the end. Sweet. XD)

Bright sun! (Tayiou sun sun)

Today the sun was also very bright!
The cicadas were also often chirping energetically, all in all a summerly day.
Which reminds me, the first week of August has already passed. Fellow students, did you all finish your homework? (Maki said "fellow students", even though she's not a student anymore, she seems to miss school.)
When I was still a student, my parents kept telling me everyday that I should do the homework little by little, so they didn't allow me to do it all at once.
Looking back now, it was a great time, huh?
This year's summer reminds me of earlier times. "Maybe I should just take a water pistol and splash around a bit!". That's what I thought at this summerly afternoon.

The first time this year!

Surprisingly, it's the first time I ate soumen this year.
For many years I've been wanting to try nagashisoumen. (Nagashisoumen sounds reaaally difficult: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somen)
With bamboo.
But it seems to be quite difficult..
Lately, I have the feeling that I've grown a bit! Well, that's what I feel at summer every year~f^_^;

Wishing that it will reach♪

This is yesterday's sunset that caught my eye, when I was on my way back from the filming location.
What do people think about at these times..?
Maybe about how great the sun is,
how tiny oneself is
or about people that are important to you.
The orange light gave me energy/courage.
I wish that this energy/courage will reach everyone as well.

(From time to time between all these childish entries, there are very deep ones like these. That's how Maki really is imo.)

Sakurazaki Gakuen's shortest?

Lately, I seem to have the shortest hair in my class at Sakurazaki Gakuen.
When I went to the beauty parlor I asked the hair-dresser if it's possible to cut my hair a bit shorter than it already is. Now it became very short. (lol)
But I really like it☆
I wonder at what age kids nowadays start dyeing their hair?
I still have "virgin hair", you know? (meaning that she never dyed her hair)
I've never dyed my hair nor had a permanent wave.
By the way, I haven't had my ear pierced either, so I guess I'm a very unusual teenager. (lol)
I don't know if the people who did one of these things are considered stylish, but in my opinion it's also important to be able to shine without those kind of things.

【My Supporter】

Yesterday night, I ate dinner with the staff from my agency at a very delicious Italian restaurant!
There was lots of delicious vegetables and since I've been only eating vegetables from the convenience store lately, it was an enjoyable meal.
Everyone's been busy with work at different places, so there were many people I didn't have a chance to meet for a long time.
I really wanted to show everyone the beautiful Italian dish (honestly!!), but when I noticed it was already time for dessert..! (meaning that she was planning to take a picture of it and show it to us)
I'm very sorry. I ate it all, munching, crunching...
That's why I did my best today and took a picture of these fruits, so please forgive me (>_<) Which reminds me.. There will be fireworks at Tokyo Bay today, right? I can't go to the fireworks display, because it's so full of people. Well, we have work tonight anyway... Furthermore it's in Odaiba!? Everyone going to the fireworks, please take care of yourselves~☆


Feeling the summer wind, listening to the chirping of the cicadas, I went for a walk today.
I often go for a walk when I have time, because I think it's important to just walk around without a goal.
As expected, I was dripping with sweat today...;
But it was veeery refreshing☆
I found a beautiful, summery hibiscus, so please have a look.
I want to spend the summer like this hibiscus.

【Staff Diary】

Last month Maki went out shopping when her work ended early at one day.
She bought slippers to wear at indoor photo shoots.
Quite a long time has passed since then, but today we can finally show them to everyone with this new entry!!

Lunch and snack!

Today I wanted to have soba for lunch, so I took everyone to a soba restaurant. (soba = buckwheat noodles)
However, when I looked at the menu, something I wanted to eat even more than soba caught my eye.
So I ended up eating curry rice after all. It was tasty~
The girl who was working as a maid at the restaurant was very cute. Maybe it's because it's summer vacation? (meaning that she might be a student working there in her summer vacation)
Maybe I should try working as a maid, too.
I had "pai no makoto" as a snack. (Here's a pic of a "pai no makoto")

『Hanazakari no kimitachi e』

The seventh episode of "Hanazakari no kimitachi e" will be shown today!
Yesterday, I could watch it already on dvd.
This episode is about the event called "The legend of the delayed Tanabata festival", but unusally this time the contest is not between the the dorms.
The students will split in two groups, the ones with a girlfriend and the ones without one. The students without a girlfriend will get a batch, that batch is quite funny (lol)
I won't reveal here what's on the batch, but please don't miss it!
What was also interesting was the fate of everyone's love relations... It was very sad and painful to watch~!!
It's summer vacation, but I really wish I could go home at Tuesdays at least and watch "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e"☆☆☆
I received the HanaKimi manga and I'm reading it all the time.

Mizuki as a model☆

Today I had my picture taken with this mannequin.
If only my figure was like this mannequin's..
Ah! The one who's wearing those cool clothes is Mizuki!
In next week's HanaKimi, Mizuki will become a model, so look forward to it~


It's rock'n'roll!!

I sang Ei-chan's songs enthusiastically.

(Ei-chan is the nickname of Eikichi Yazawa, a famous rock artist.)

【Today's Work】
With Yanai-san!

This is Yanai-san, who I worked with one year ago at the shooting of the Fujifilm commercial "PHOTO IS".
He was the director at that time, but now he's the cameraman. He's a very talented man.
Yanai-san told me to try holding a guitar and other things, but it was so heavy... (I have no idea why she had to carry a guitar.. O_o)
Nevertheless, it's hot. If the temperature doesn't sink below 30°C tonight, it seems like it will establish some kind of new record again.
Aahh, I want to jump into a swimming pool..

Cloudy sky

Today's sky is cloudy, so I feel somewhat relieved.
There are many terms for cloud formations, right?
Kinda reminds me of science classes...
Yesterday I saw an orange Thundercloud. It was so pretty!
Which reminds me of the jiyuu kenkyuu you had to do in the summer vacation~
I think I chose the topic "lifetime of stars".
Pretty standard topic, huh?

(Jiyuu kenkyuu can be translated as independent research or free study, every student had to research about something in the summer vacation and present it later to the class)

From the studio sub!

This is the place called "Studio sub".
The director gives directions etc. from here.
Today's we will be in the studio recording. I wonder when we will be finished?!

Summer feeling!

The smell of this mosquito coil in the air increases the summer feeling~
The memories from the times of going back and forth between school and home dripping with sweat, playing happily outside etc. are brought back and I look back at myself, who often got a cold from the air conditioner..
(Because it's very hot outside, you can easily get a cold from the air-conditioner.)
While thinking about things like that, today I still devoted myself completely to the film shooting.

To the bookstore!

After a long time I went to the bookstore.
When I was still going to school, going to the library was enough, but now I have to go to the bookstore to get books, so it's a bit sad.
I'll continue the book recommendations, so please wait for that~. (In her radio show she often recommends books to the listeners.)
This is today's dinner btw!

【Staff Diary】

This week, it's Maki's turn〜.
Does everyone listen to the show?
The two guests are director Kiyomizu-san and author Hana-chan (the woman in front).
It's like this: "The dorama is full of boys, but the radio show is full of girls?!"
My heart is already beating very fast because of the phone call later.
Please answer the phone, ok? Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

(Maki usually calls a listener in her radio show. On the phone she's even more nervous than normal. ^^ Weird. It's like Maki wrote the last part of the entry. I guess she does take part in the staff entries.)

With Yuujirou!

After a long time I met Yuujirou again.
Yuujirou seems to have lost weight, he might be lovesick or something like that.
I'm kinda envious.. (lol)
In this scene I'm supposed to take Yuujirou for a walk, but since I've never had a dog, it's my first time taking the lead. It somehow feels awkward...

Second try!!

Today at the filming location again.
Yesterday was extremely hot, so I was completely exhausted, but today's weather has been really pleasant.
Since I've had my physical strength back, I tried looking for a four leaf clover again and found such a delicate one. (lol)


This is the so called "Eyeball father".
If you push it, a digital "Eyeball Father" appears inside this eyeball and it seems like you can play a game with it.
Remember the argument I had with Sano in "Hanazakari~"? "You have the same hair style like Kitarou!" "And you are just like his Eyeball Father!"
Thus, Oguri-kun gave me this as a present.


After several months I used some nail polish! Well, I'm still a girl, you know...;
It's fluorescent pink☆
But since we'll continue with the dorama shooting tomorrow, I'll have to erase it after this...
It's a pity, because I finally did something girly after a long time.
But this dorama "Hanazakari~" will come to an end very soon..
It's sad(ノ_・。)
Everyone, please support us until the end!

【My Supporter】

Yesterday evening, 3 classmates from senior high school came to my house saying "We're so hungry~", so we rushed into the supermarket 5 minutes before closing time. We made grilled udon (thick wheat noodles).
It's been three months since the last time we've met.
We told each other everything that happened in the meantime and had a lot of fun.
Because of lack of sleep I'm a bit drowsy today, but after all I think that ☆friends☆ are most important!

【Staff Diary】
Meeting after a long time

Meisa came to visit the filming location of Hanazakari!
This is the place, where the photo shoot for the magazine "anan" from the 8th episode will be filmed. Meisa's here because she has a photo shoot scheduled in a nearby studio.
Ikuta-kun, who co-starred with Meisa in the musical "AZUMI on STAGE", and Oguri-kun, who will appear together with her in the new movie "Crows Zero"(release date: 27th of October), also had the chance to meet her after a long time.
There aren't many opportunities for Maki and Meisa to see each other, so we took this photo as a commemoration.

【Today's Work】
Nep League

The broadcast of "Nep League" is going to start very soon!
We from the "Ikemen Team" did our best.
The result is...
Looking forward to it~☆

【To Maki From Maki】
Let's meet today evening at 9 o'clock!

Everyone, did you all watch yesterday's "Nep League"?
I watched it during the recording in the studio, but since we've lost I didn't have the courage to face everyone!
Moreover, the last question "Name capitals of the world that begin with one of the following: pa-pi-pu-pe-po".. I couldn't even name a single one as the top batter...
I'm disappointed because of my own ignorance.
I was in such a hurry, that I couldn't even think of "Paris"〜
Ah〜 so regrettable(>_<) But yesterday's show has still become a good memory☆ Today the 9th episode of "Hanazakari no kimitachi e" will be shown! So fast! There are so many scenes that are still fresh in my memory... This time, Sakurazaki Gakuen is in commotion because of the fixed-term tests and the preparations for the launch live coming up. A new teacher arrives, because Yoshioka-sensei's on maternity leave(but he's a man, so why...!?). I think everyone already knows him, the new sensei will be played by SMAP's Inagaki Gorou-san. And this teacher, played by Inagaki-san, has set Nakatsu as his target and suspects him of cheating. The truth is that the original work also contains this episode, but I think it's still worth watching how everything turns out. The love triangle between the 3 will also develop further. You will miss a lot if you don't watch today's episode to the very end〜!! Well then, I'll meet you tonight at 9 o'clock as Mizuki. This is my favorite among the pictures I've taken lately btw.

【Today's Work】
With Meisa!!

We've been filming throughout the day in the studio and we've been practicing the performance of episode 11 indoors, so I didn't have the chance to go outside during the day lately. But I could finally go outside now.
When I was sitting in the car, looking out the window and thinking to myself "Today's cloudy, huh?", the window from the car next to ours opened and Meisa was sitting in that car.
Because we both have a lot of work, we don't have the opportunity to meet often~
I thought that I'd really like to spend some fun time with her again.

【My Supporter】
Healing product

Today I'm also at the filming set.
A while ago, I obtained my favorite product that heals me when I'm worn-out.
You use this by putting your feet into it like this and while doing something in your room or just by walking around the vital points at the sole of your feet are stimulated by the attached green bamboo!
I feel like I'm a bit tired because of the dorama going into the last spurt, but being healed with this I can continue doing my best!

【To Maki From Maki】

Today I found some great accessories.
This is a real shellfish with a candle inside.
I want to darken the room as soon as possible and try it out.
By the way, with today August is going to end.
The heat will probably continue on, but I feel like the summer's going to end soon.
School will start soon, right?
Today there were many kids wearing school uniforms and jerseys at the filming location again. Somehow I yearn a bit for school...



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